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Family Packs Biscuit Machine

Family Packs Biscuit Machine

This Model is designed to pack products standing on edge position in one or several rows as per required. With family pack type packing machine, you can pack biscuits in family type packing in 200 gms., 250 gms., 300 gms. From magazine, required stack length of product are precisely pushed and loaded to main conveyor and arrives to the forming box. The wrapper is wrapped around the forming box. Fin seal at bottem is completed by four pair of rollers out of which one pair is for pre heating, second for heating, third for propelling purpose, which controls the wrapper around the periphery of the product & fourth for easy transfer to the out feed conveyor. The crimping jaws makes cross sealing at two ends and separation, such packets are delivered to the out feed conveyor

Wrapping Material :

Direct Heat Sealable BOPP, Laminate of BOPP with MetaliZed Heat Sealable BOPP/CPP/Pearlised BOPP, Laminate of Polyester with Heat Sealable BOPP/CPP/Poly, Heat Sealable Laminates Containing Aluminum Foil.

Description    FP/30
Product Width MIN
80 M.M.
150 M.M.
Product Height MIN
35 M.M.
65 M.M.
Product Length MIN
80 M.M.
240 M.M.
Wrapper Cut Off Length MIN
100 M.M.
400 M.M.
Maximum Reel Width   380 M.M.
Maximum Reel Diameter   300 M.M.
Main Motor   1.5 KW
Heating   3.0 KW
Mechanical Speed Depending Upon Product (Packets Per Minute)  

No. of Rows PER Pkt.
Salient Features:
• Automatic self contained unit.
• All components coming in contact with product are of stainless steel or Food Grade plastic.
• Ease of change over to different varieties of product in minimum time.
• A.C. motor with variable frequency Inverter Drive.
• Separate Temperature Controllers are provided for each pair of Heating rollers and jaws.
• Cut off Length adjustment by just rotating wheel with Display.
• Simple to operate and easy to maintain
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